Ponmani International (India) Pvt Ltd provides complete solutions for Fire Fighting Systems.
A fire fighting system is an activity of prevention during a fire spread in building, home or warehouse with the use of proper fire safety equipment like extinguisher, hose reels, fire monitors, nozzles and hose pipes.
A fire hydrant is a vertical steel pipe with an outlet, close to which two fire hoses are stored. During a fire, firefighters will go to the outlet, break open the hoses, attach one to the outlet, and manually open it so that water rushes out of the nozzle of the hose. The quantity and speed of the water is so great that it can knock over the firefighter holding the hose if he is not standing in the correct way. As soon as the fire fighter opens the hydrant, water will gush out, and sensors will detect a drop in pressure in the system. This drop in pressure will trigger the fire pumps to turn on and start pumping water at a tremendous flowrate.
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